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Ninja Pimp Slap!


Originally Posted by Ryu-Nacho View Post
A lot of people will do it for the sole purpose of pissing people off (such activities are called "griefing"). But if you've captured all the flags, spawn camping would still work to keep them from re-capping (though still frowned upon).
Well I do know that there is the purpose of griefing. However, I was thinking more about the people who just do it without the intention of doing it...possibly because they want to increase their own score or something rather than focus on the actual objective of the game.
Originally Posted by Dudeo View Post
You know what I hate? When you call campers out, and they're like "no i just got here hurr". And then they don't move. Make it a little more obvious, why don't you?

I do love using long-range weaponry on them, whatever fps it is.
Yeah...that's a bitch sometimes.
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